This is our complete team roster

We hold tryouts every semester to determine who plays on varsity and junior varsity. There are no requirements to be on our team though. As long as you want to be involved and uphold our values of inclusion and diversity, you are welcome.
League of Legends
Johnny Wright
Austin Mcdonald
Joshua Lee Scrivner (Captain)
Gage Weston
Pei Pei
Rocket League
Macoy Perkins
Kody Neil (Captain)
Thomas Keith
Cody Vacca
Nick Haggerty
John Heddle
Ethan Pilskalns
Garrett Fowler
Brooklyn Van Bebber
Jimmy Painter (Captain)
Ell Harden
Jason Bernardi
Abigail Van Nortwick
Parker Hall
Laurence Guinard
Nicholas Nordhagen
Arlene K.
James Blanchard
Apex Legends
Kellen Donahue (Captain)
Beau Goldberg
Felicia Sparozic
Tyle MacFarland
Savanna ElkShoulder
Fighting Team (Smash/Tekken)
David Ailanjian (Captain)
Ethan Pilskalns
Teddy Jumpp
Nikita Ware
Solomon Albertson-Gore
Ethan Pilskalns
Kian Bertin
Dalton Thunstrom
Gage Weston
Clarissa Spain (Captain)
Trevor O'Brien
Tessa Larsen
Stormy Hack