About Us

Every Body - Every Game - Everyone!

Who Are we?
We are a community first. We accept all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation/identity, and physical and/or mental abilities.
We are made up of 40% freshmen, 40% sophomores and juniors and 20% seniors, grad students and post-baccalaureate students.
We represent over 22 different majors across campus.
We have students from all over the US and beyond.
What is our focus?
We have three priorities.
1. Community for everyone
2. Academic excellence in school, internships, community collaboration and involvement, and leadership and communication
3. Healthy, positive game play in every competitive match
What does this mean?
This means we are always looking to expand our community. We are an open and inviting group where everyone is accepted regardless of your background. We continue to reach out to those who are looking for a place to call home.